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Hands Together by DAVID BRUCE


Hands Together was commissioned by Lukasz Kuropaczewski. While writing the piece I became fascinated by the complementary but somewhat opposing roles the two hands of the guitarist play in creating the sound: the left hand largely concerned with pitch, the right largely with rhythm. And in particular I explored the ways that one hand can play two constrasting rhythms at the same time (think of 'bass line' and melody). But of course, it's only when both hands work together that the music emerges.
The piece is in three movements, but each uses this same premise, creating a multi-layered sound that's played individually by each hand, but only comes to life 'hands together'.

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for Guitar solo

Duration 10 mins
Composed 2022
First performance TBC 2022
Commissioned by Lukasz Kuropaczewski

Future Performances

  • May 25 2023
    Koblenz Int Guitar Festival, Germany (Lukasz Kuropaczewski)

Past Performances

  • Jun 22 2022
    Norwegian Guitar Festival, Oslo, Norway (Lukasz Kuropaczewski)

  • Aug 27 2022
    Vienna, Austria (Lukasz Kuropaczewski)

  • Oct 15 2022
    Darmstadt, Germany (Lukasz Kuropaczewski)

  • Nov 19 2022
    Szeged, Hungary (Lukasz Kuropaczewski)

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