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Lully Loops Premiere

Daniel Hope and Zurich Chamber Orchestra in Germany and Switzerland.
Cut The Rug in Germany & Poland

with Avi Avital and the Between Worlds Ensemble.
Peacock Pavane Premiere

Jan 2023 sees Milos & LPO give the delayed premiere.
Hands Together

A new piece for Solo Guitar commissioned by Lukasz Kuropaczewski
Nothing in Copenhagen

A new production by Royal Danish Opera
New Album Release

- Avi Avital's new album features my plucked string piece 'Death is a Friend of Ours'
A New Video of Fanfarron

- my short concert opener was performed by Orchestra of the Swan, conducted by Jason Lai
New Video of The Lick Quartet

One of the best premieres I've ever had, by Dover Quartet, caught on camera at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
New recording of chamber works

The North Wind was a Woman features 3 nature-related pieces, released on Signum, August 30th
New Video of Undula

My 2017 piece for piano solo, recorded by Sequoia
New Commission for 2018 BBC Proms

Sidechaining was premiered at the Proms on July 15th.
The Consolation of Rain

Another fantastic performance and video from Camerata Pacifica, here's the world premiere of the work they commissioned The Consolation of Rain
Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Road US Tour

The ensemble, who commissioned Cut the Rug perform the piece at a string of high-profile festivals across the US this summer.
Steampunk / Camerata Pacifica

Check out the costumes and stunning musicianship on display in this performance of Steampunk filmed earlier in the year in Santa Barbara.
Jennifer Koh @ NYPhil Biennial

Jennifer will premiere David's new solo violin piece 'Marzipan'.
Julian Bliss/Carducci Quartet Gumboots CD released
Five-star reviews for Nothing
'Nothing' premiered at Glyndebourne in February to huge critical acclaim.
Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Road Film Trailer
The Music of Strangers, a new film about Yo-Yo Ma's unique ensemble features Bruce's specially composed work 'Cut the Rug'
Philip's approval

Philip Pullman tweeted that 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' was "one of the best treatments a story of mine has ever received. Loved it!"
Violin Concerto Premiere with Gil Shaham
'Frafile Light', a new violin concerto was premiered by Gil Shaham and the San Diego Symphony

David's Youtube Channel

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Oct 3 2023
De Singel, Antwerp
Between Worlds Ensemble
Oct 5 2023
BASF Ludwigshafen, Germany
Between Worlds Ensemble
Oct 6 2023
Philharmonie Essen
Between Worlds Ensemble

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