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Chamber Works

The Lick Quartet
String Quartetc.22mins2019
To The Power of 10
10 Oboesc.3mins2019
Out of Hours
sop,bass, String Septetc.23mins2019
The Consolation of Rain
Oboe, Cello, Harp, Percussionc.23mins2016
The Consolation of Rain
Oboe, Cello, Harp, Percussionc.23mins2016
Mandolin and String Quartetc.23mins2013
The Given Note
Forgotten Boots
Clarinet and piano2mins2010
The Eye of Night
Flute (dbl alto and bass), viola, harpc.15 mins2010
Tango sextet - cl,acc.,vln,vla,vlc,bassc.15 mins2010
Tears, Puffes, Jumps & Galliards
Recorder (or flute) and String Quartet.c.12 mins 2010
The North Wind was a Woman
Soprano and Ensemble.c.20 mins 2009
Accordion and Mixed Ensemble.22 mins 2009
Clarinet & String Quartet.22 mins 2008
Flute & Harp.5 mins 2008
Dances for Oskar
String Quartet.15 mins 2008
Sports et divertissements
An arrangement of Satie's piano miniatures for chamber ensemble.12 mins 2007
Song-cycle for Soprano, Baritone & Chamber Ensemble 20 mins 2006
Carrow Vln, Cl, Pno, Cello15 mins 1998
Flowers in stone Chamber Ensemblec.15 mins 1997
Crosswinds Chamber Ensemble10 mins 1995
Contradance String Ensemble12 mins 1993
2 Baka Studies flute/pic,oboe/cor,piano,percu 6 mins 1992

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