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The Peacock Pavane by DAVID BRUCE


The Pavane is a slow stately dance common in Europe since the Renaissance. There is some suggestion that the Spanish word pavón - meaning peacock - is the origin of the dance's name, but peacocks also have many different symbolic meanings, they can be seen as a symbol of beauty, self expression, royalty, luck, or new life (some see them as the earthly incarnation of the mythical phoenix). With it's spectacular tail-feathers full of eyes, the peacock is also a symbol of watchfulness and patience.I like to think of The Peacock Pavane as a kind of 'dance from afar'. The first year of the covid pandemic was been a year of watchfulness, patience, stoicism - a year of waiting. Many of us spent months away from loved ones, longing for that moment when we'd finally be able to reunite. That feeling was heightened for me in the September of 2020 when my daughter, my eldest child, left home to start her studies. During the previous 6 months of lockdown we had all spent a lot of time together and I had enjoyed more than ever the time spent with her, going for walks and chatting about the future. Then suddenly she was off, peacock-like, to start a new life and what's left behind are tender feelings of absence and longing.

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for Guitar & Orchestra

2(II=picc),2,2(II=Bcl),2,2 hrns,2tps,timp,strings,solo Guitar

Duration c.10mins
Composed Sept-Dec 2020
First performance Miloš & London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall, Fri 13 Jan 2023
Commissioned by London Philharmonic Orchestra

Future Performances

  • Jan 15 2023 (3pm)
    Congress Theatre, Eastbourne (Milos, London Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.Karen Kamensek)

  • Jan 13 2023
    Royal Festival Hall, London (Milos, London Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.Karen Kamensek)

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