Forthcoming premieres

Posted on Sunday, January 9, 2011

Next week I'll be taking my first trip to the west coast of America for the premiere of my flute/harp/viola trio The Eye of Night by the Myriad Trio, as part of the Art of Elan series at San Diego Museum of Art.

Then at the start of Feb, the group I've had some of the most moving and memorable performances of my career - ACJW will perform my new piece for mixed octet - Steampunk.

The two pieces could hardly be more different. The Eye of Night is mostly delicate and tender. Steampunk on the other hand is a fair old riot of colour. Both are fascinating and distinctive combinations to write for (Steampunk is for a pungent octet of oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and one of each strings). In both cases I found the combination dictated the piece almost from the outset.



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