Aimee Bender

Posted on Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pretty much everyone I've introduced Aimee Bender's work to has become an instant convert. Start with this online reading Aimee gave of her short story The Meeting, which for me is just the most perfect short story. A lot of Aimee's work seems to describe thoughts and feelings I thought only I had, often thoughts I hadn't even articulated to myself, indeed her ability to describe men's thoughts can be unnerving!

Apart from the depth, the other thing that attracts me to Aimee's writing is the surface which is witty and often surreal - but across the numerous short-stories there is never a dogmatic way of dealing with surrealism, it just crops up here and there when the story demands it. The work has a matter-of-fact acceptance of the extraordinary which I find very appealing.

Check out The girl with the flammable skirt and Willful Creatures (short story collections) and the novel An invisible sign of my own.



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