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Juli and Satin from 'Chronos' by David Orlowsky and Jens-Uwe Popp for clarinet, guitar, bass and string orchestra (exclusive to David Orlowsky Trio)8 mins 2012
Two Dowland Laments
Mezzo-sop & String orchestra.c.10 mins 2011
Kaddisch from Deux mélodies hébraiques by Maurice Ravel
Chamber Ensemblec.5 mins 2011
If ye love me (Tallis)
Large mixed ensemble.c.5 mins 2010
Tears, Puffes, Jumps & Galliards
Recorder and String Quartet.c.12 mins 2010
Elohim Eli Ata by Ora Bat Chaim For solo harp (exclusive to Giora Feidman)5 mins 2009
Al Derech Hamelech by Ora Bat Chaim for clarinet and cello (exclusive to Giora Feidman)2 mins 2009
Sports et divertissements
An arrangement of Satie's piano miniatures for chamber ensemble.12mins 2007

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